COVID-19 known as Corona Virus which is an infectious disease. History of COVID-19 started from Wuhan the capital city of  Hubei a province in China. It firstly identified in December 2019. And still it continues to spread in the whole World. As per World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 has affected more than 215 countries and territories in the World. More than four million people infected by COVID-19. More than 292,000 people died due to COVID-19 and almost 1.5 million people have been recovered.

You may be thinking this virus outbreak in 2019 but the fact is that this is far older than this. As some of the sources elaborate that it was first discovered in chickens in the 1930s. Then after some decades in the 1960s it firstly discovered in humans. Coronavirus has a large family. It includes many other viruses. Some people are trying to relate it with influenza viruses but the fact that these are not similar. As influenza viruses spread slowly then COVID-19 or coronavirus. but the coronavirus spread very fastly than any other virus.

COVID-19 Facts:

  • Mostly it affects people who have a low immune system. that’s why old people and children are becoming easy victims of this virus. But this is not true that only old people or children are becoming the victims because there is also a large number of healthy young people who are infected. somehow that is true that they are less in numbers.
  • Some other sources elaborate that COVID-19 can not survive in warm weather but I don’t think so that is very true or authentic because there is a large number of corona cases reported in Central Asia, South Asia, and the middle east.
  • India there are 78003 confirmed cases and 2549 deaths.
  • Pakistan there are 35,988 Confirmed cases with 783 deaths
  • Afganistan there 5649  confirmed case with 136 death
  • Iran there are 113,000 confirmed  cases with 6738 deaths

It clearly shows that somehow the coronavirus can survive in warm weather too. But yes numbers of cases of coronavirus in warm countries are less in numbers then cold weather countries.

  • Some people think that is World-War 3. For me yeah it is somehow. You can say it a Bio-War, playing between two superpowers.  Both fighting for their hold the whole world economically that’s why you can also called it an Economic War.  But there are many other factors which we should consider before making any judgment.
  • Some people think that COVID-19 was created by China or America.  As they have great competition between them to conquer the whole world economically. But if you look at the economy of America or the United States you will find a huge drawback as Patloium prices fall rapidly. Which resulted in a huge economic loss in history. Not only economic loss but also human loss tragedy with more than 87,000 deaths.
    On the other hand, if you look at China will find also disasters everywhere like million of people infected thousands of them died. They had to lock down their  Economic-Hub cities which resulted in economic downfall. China also faces threats in international relations.